Ashley Hough

No Knot on Wrong Side of Fabric

Ashley Hough
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Duration:   2  mins

When doing hand stitching, whether on a garment or home decor project, it is not always possible to start that stitching along the edge of the fabric, at a hem or in some other area where knots and thread ends can be easily hidden. Ashley Hough shows you how to start your hand stitching with no knot needed on the wrong side of the fabric, making it look more professional while still allowing it to hold the thread securely in place.

No Knot Needed

To begin this no-knot-needed technique, Ashley first explains that you will need to use two strands of thread and thread the needle differently that you generally would when doing many hand sewing stitches. Once the needle is threaded, Ashley shows how to begin by inserting the needle through the fabric and pulling it until there is only a small loop of thread remaining. A small stitch is then made to bring the needle back through the fabric.

Ashley then shows how to insert the needle through the loop of the fabric and pull tight, securing the thread end and replacing the need for a knot. She then explains that another small stitch can be taken to bring the needle back to the right side of the fabric so you are ready to begin stitching. This technique can be used when working with different fabrics and when doing hand sewing meant as construction stitches and also hand stitches that are meant to be decorative.

The only requirement when doing this “no knot needed on the wrong side of the fabric” technique is that you need a double strand of thread. If you normally use only one strand of thread to cut down on the thickness of the thread showing in a project, consider using a finer thread weight.