Ashley Hough

How to Sew Rick-Rack Flower Embellishments

Ashley Hough
Duration:   26  mins

Rick rack doesn’t have to be used only as a trim or sewn on in a straight line, rather it can be folded, twisted and wound into beautiful little flowers. Learn how to make a rick-rack flower several different ways to use as an embellishment on your next project. Ashley Hough shows you how.

Ric Rac

All rick rack comes in the same wavy shape, however it comes in a variety of widths and colors. Mini or baby rick rack can be used to make small flowers while the medium and jumbo widths are better suited for the larger flowers. Ashley shows how to make a rick-rack flower that has five to six petals and can have an additional embellishment added to the center. She demonstrates how to fold the rick rack and secure the petals with a hand sewing needle and thread. Working around in a circle, more petals and folded and stitched until the desired number is reached.

Ashley then shows how to finish the flower with a small bead or other accent. The second rick-rack flower she demonstrates how to make requires two pieces of rick-rack to be layered together and stitched by machine. The stitched rick rack is then wound around itself and secured with a hand sewing needle and thread to make a rick-rack flower that resembles a rose. Ashley explains that this flower can be made in a variety of sizes, everything from a small rose bud to a larger flower. How large you make it can depend on where you plan to use it and if it will be combined with more embellishment ideas.

The final rick-rack flower she demonstrates is the largest flower and requires it to be sewn to a backing circle. This flower lays flatter, however, so it would be great to add to home decor projects like lace towel embellishments.