ZJ Humbach

How to Make a Pressing Cloth

ZJ Humbach
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While everyone has their own list of sewing tool must-haves, it’s always good to hear from other crafters about what they like to use, as it may teach you about a new sewing tool you can’t live without or other essential sewing tools you want to add to your collection. ZJ Humbach shares one of her favorite go to sewing tools: the pressing cloth.

Expert Tips: How to Make a Pressing Cloth

Pressing both fabric and seams are generally a part of any sewing project, no matter what you are making. While some fabrics are known to take to pressing better than others, one thing that can help when pressing almost any type of fabric is a pressing cloth. ZJ shares the brand and type of pressing cloth that she likes to use and shows how it can be found. She explains that pressing cloths can be found in a variety of different sizes and that the size of cloth you choose to use can depend on the project you are making and the seam and/or fabric you are pressing.

She then explains what the cloth is made of and demonstrates how easy it is to use. She also explains the different types of project techniques and fabrics that can benefit from using a pressing cloth. Some of these techniques include things like appliqué where any kind of fusible may be used to hold layers of fabric together. This cloth protects the iron from potential residue that could stick to the iron. These cloths can also help protect fabric, whether it is a fabric that has a pile to it that can be damaged with direct pressing or it’s a thicker fabric where seam allowances can cause fabric indentations when pressed.