ZJ Humbach

How to Thread a Needle with Ease

ZJ Humbach
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Duration:   4  mins

No matter how good your vision is, threading a needle can still be difficult. ZJ Humbach shows you how to thread a needle with ease using different types of needle threaders. A basic wire threader, included in most sewing kits, as well as a floss threader allows you to slip the thread through a large loop rather than the small eye of the needle. ZJ Humbach’s favorite threader, soon to be yours too, is a larger threader, sometimes referred to as a “desk” threader that lets you thread a needle with the simple push of a lever!

Needle threaders can come in a variety of sizes, from thick to thin, to accommodate whatever your project may be. Thinner wire threaders are great for basic hand sewing and embroidery thread, but if you’re using something heavier like yarn, consider a floss threader or a thicker wire threader. Threaders can even be found with multiple tools in one, sure to fit any media and any size needle eye you may be working with.