Heather Thomas

Make a Stained Glass Table Runner Quilt

Heather Thomas
Duration:   10  mins

Learn how to make a table runner that looks like stained glass in just a few simple steps. Heather Thomas takes you through what tools you’ll need and gives you several time saving tips.

Stained Glass Quilts

Stained glass quilts are very popular, but often shied away from because of the need for precise piecing. Heather shows a way to achieve the look of stained glass without intricate piecing by using bias or turned edge tape. Both bias and turned edge tape will achieve the same look, however if the stained glass look you are making has only straight lines, using turned edge tape is the way to go.


To make a table runner like the one Heather makes in the video, you only need a few simple tools and supplies: permanent or temporary fabric glue, a bias tape maker, a ruler and a pencil. Heather begins by showing how to make turned edge tape, and gives tips on ways she has found make using a bias tape tool easier. From there she explains how much tape is needed and how the tape can be glued in place on different sized squares in order to achieve the look of stained glass.


Even though you are learning to make a table runner that uses a quick and easy method to create stained glass, it still needs to be pieced. Heather explains how to lay out the different sized blocks to create rows that can then be stitched together.


Once the blocks have been pieced together it’s time for one of Heather’s time saving tips. Rather than appliqué all of the turned tape edges down, the next step is to layer the quilt top or table runner with batting and a backing fabric. Heather then uses a technique she calls appliquilting where the piece is quilted and appliquéd in one step. She then explains how to make quilt borders that mirror the look of the stained glass, or you could use other quilt border ideas. Heather also shares other quilting ideas that can be used to make a table runner more of a keepsake item.