Heather Thomas

Hidden Slip Stitch for Bindings and Appliqué

Heather Thomas
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Duration:   4  mins

When sewing a binding by hand or doing any other kind of hand sewing, like hand appliqué, it is important to use the correct stitch. Heather Thomas shows you how to do a stitch called the hidden slip stitch, which is her preferred stitch for these techniques.

Hidden Slip Stitch Tools

Heather begins by explaining what type of needle and thread she likes to use when doing a hidden slip stitch on either a binding or hand appliqué. She explains that the size of the needle you choose to use can vary, but that in general she likes to use regular piecing thread. Heather also explains what a good thread length is to use in order to minimize thread tangles and knots.

Hidden Slip Stitch Technique

Once you have a length of thread ready you can begin the hidden slip stitch. To start, Heather explains where the quilt and binding should be in relation to your body to make it easier. She also explains how the set up would be similar when doing hand appliqué as well. Heather then shows how to begin the stitch by inserting the needle into the fabric and pulling it through to hide the knot. She then shows how to form the hidden slip stitch by taking very small ‘bites’ of the background fabric and binding.

Heather demonstrates the approximate stitch length when doing this hand stitch, which is similar to other basic hand quilting techniques. The stitch length may seem long, however Heather explains that it is nice and secure because the thread is under the backing fabric embedded in the batting. She continues to demonstrate the hidden slip stitch, explaining how each stitch should be consistently spaced along the binding or shape being appliquéd in place.