Heather Thomas

Quilted Artist Clutch to Carry Art Supplies

Heather Thomas
Duration:   19  mins

Learn how to make a quilted artists clutch from a series of quilted rectangles so you can carry art supplies with you. Heather Thomas shows you how.

Supplies for a Quilted Artist Clutch

For this quilt project all you need is several quilted rectangles. The size of rectangles you need depends on the size of tablet or pad of paper you want to carry. Heather shows what her favorite size of tablet is and explains what type she likes and why. Once you have your pad of paper, or if you are making it as a gift you can use the same size Heather does, you can make your rectangles.

Another thing that is helpful to know ahead of time when planning out your clutch to carry art supplies is what type of pens or pencils you are going to carry. Heather explains that if your pencils are taller or shorter than standard ones you may want to adjust that rectangle pocket.

Construction of Clutch to Carry Your Art Supplies

After you determine your measurements, Heather shows how simple it is to make the rectangle sections by layering batting with an inner and outer piece of fabric on top. She then stitches the perimeter, leaving an opening for turning, and then turns right side out. Heather shows how you can do very simple lines of quilting on your project, depending on how you want it to look.

She then shows how to assemble all of the rectangles into a clutch to carry art supplies. She starts with the center rectangle to hold the tablet of paper and then works on the smaller rectangles. The smaller pockets can be used to hold and organize pens, pencils, eraser or other supplies you want in your clutch. Store your art supplies much like you would when organizing quilting supplies so you know where everything is when you need it.