Heather Thomas

Quilt an Easy Stylish Fabric Beaded Pendant

Heather Thomas
Duration:   10  mins

Many people consider themselves multi-crafters, meaning that they enjoy more than one type of craft. In this video, learn how to quilt a beaded pendant and combine the arts of quilting and jewelry making with Heather Thomas.

Fabrics Great for Making Jewelry

For this fun beaded pendant, you don’t need very large pieces of quilt fabric, however you will want to have different types and textures of fabric. Heather shows several different types of fabric she uses to create her jewelry including lace and jute. She explains the characteristics of each fabric and why they are useful when making quilted jewelry.

Since this beaded pendant is quilted, you will also need some kind of batting for your piece. Heather demonstrates how she layers the small quilt together first and then shows how she begins to add design with smaller bits of fabric. She even shows how you can cut out just small areas of a certain fabric to add as an embellishment to your jewelry.

Beads to Use on Pendants

Heather uses several different types of beads on her beaded pendant, from seed beads to dangle beads and even fun flower beads. She shows what several of the beads look like and then demonstrates how to stitch them on. Heather also shows how some of the beads can be layered together when stitched in place. You don’t have to have all of the same types of beads as shown, but rather choose a bead that fits your style or even learn how to make fabric beads.

Finishing Your Fabric Pendant

Once you have all of your fabric and beads stitched in place you can bind the pendant. Heather discusses several different ways a binding can be done including multiple ways to stitch it. Heather shares her favorite way to bind the beaded pendant and demonstrates how to do it.