Heather Thomas

Using Wavy Quilt Borders to Enhance Any Quilt

Heather Thomas
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Duration:   6  mins

Sometimes when you finish a quilt it doesn’t quite look the way you planned or needs more visual interest. Heather Thomas shows how you can enhance your next quilt by adding wavy quilt borders.


Heather demonstrates how you don’t need to draw any lines ahead of time when adding wavy quilt borders. However, she explains how she takes design elements in the quilt into account when free form cutting the edges. If there is a large design or motif on the quilt near an edge, the quilt border should curve out and around it. If there is a large area that doesn’t have any designs other than quilting, the border can curve in.

Curves and Points

When adding wavy quilt borders to your next project you can incorporate both curves and points. Heather shows how adding several points along the edge of a quilt helps blend in the points created at the corners. She also explains how many to add, along with the where and why of adding curves and points to a quilt.

Quilt Borders

Wavy quilt borders are just one of the many different kinds of quilt borders you can add to your next project. Depending on the type of border you choose, you may need to make changes to the type of binding you add to the quilt. Heather explains that when adding wavy quilt borders a bias binding will need to be used. A bias binding is created by cutting strips of fabric along the bias of the fabric rather than the grain. If you have learned how to bind a quilt using regular quilt binding, you will use the same techniques for a bias binding, however since it is cut on the bias the binding will now easily bend around all the curves and points.