Heather Thomas

Make a Jewelry Box with a Quilted Vintage Storage Tin

Heather Thomas
Duration:   17  mins

Learn how to dress up a vintage storage tin with miniature art quilts. Heather Thomas shows you how to turn the tin into a beautiful jewelry box or a fun little art piece.


For this project Heather shows how you can use any size of vintage storage tin that you find. She shows an old film reel that she already completed as well as shows the old tool tin she works on in this tutorial. For the film reel, she explains how she made a small art quilt for the top, added beaded fabric to the inside top, padded the inside bottom and then placed the miniature art quilt inside.


Aside from a vintage storage tin, the other supplies you will need are fabric or a small quilt you have already made and glue. Heather explains what kind of glue she likes to use and why as well as several properties she looks for in a glue. While she wants the art quilt to stay in place on the top of her vintage tin she also wants to have the ability to be able to remove it and replace it with another quilt.


For the areas of her vintage tin that she wants to cover Heather shows how she cut apart a small quilt she had previously made, but explains how you could simply take the tin measurements and make a quilt especially for it. She then shows how to use several layers of batting to deal with any divisions in the tin that might get in the way of placing the art quilt. Heather then shows how to finish all of the edges of the small quilts with a zig-zag stitch first and then a satin stitch. Once they are finished she then shows how to glue them all in place to finish off the vintage storage tin.